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Content creation is a large part of what we do as marketers—and writing effective, well-optimized content is, well, hugely important.

After all, if you're creating content for your website or blog and it's not search engine optimized, Google and other search engines will rank it low on search engine results pages. And diminished visibility in search results can have a negative impact on the ability of customers, clients, and prospects to find you.

In fact, poorly written and unoptimized Web content can render you all but invisible on the Web. Not good.

SEO is one of those phrases you probably hear often. Understanding it is one thing... but putting it into practice is an entirely different story. The good news? You don't need to be an SEO wizard to create SEO-optimized content. And although you want your content to be discovered by search engines, an important thing to keep in mind is that you're writing for people, not machines.

Want to know the number one secret to writing great content? Ask yourself just one question: Is it good for people? If the content you're writing delivers the things that your customers and prospects are searching for, then the answer is a resounding "Yes." It's delivering up what they want and need, and it's doing its job.

(Psst: I would be doing you an injustice here if I didn't say that we are big believers in doing your homework before you write copy—and that includes keyword research so that you know what phrases and keywords people are searching for, as well as the goals you've established for that content. That crazy little thing called a strategy? Always. Start. There.)

We've all probably seen keyword-stuffed content that reads more like a random jumble of terms than cohesive copy. And that's exactly what you want to avoid!

Balance is key. Search engines ultimately want to serve quality search results that highlight fresh, original, and informative content. Search engines want to deliver answers that fit the context of what it is that searchers seek.

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Shelly Kramer is the founder and CEO of V3 Integrated Marketing. She's a strategist, brand storyteller, digital marketing pro, content marketing expert, speaker, and corporate trainer. You can find her on Twitter at @ShellyKramer.