What do you get when you put an analyst, a consultant, a practitioner, and a ringleader on the same panel?  You get smart answers to your most pressing questions around data hygiene and management, best use of all your data, targeting and segmentation, and aligning demand gen and marketing ops.

At the MarketingProfs B2B Forum earlier this month, Maribeth Ross of NetProspex led a lively discussion featuring Ross Graber, research director of marketing operations at SiriusDecisions; Ellen Valentine, evangelist at SilverPop; and Edward Burke, demand generation manager at Ness Technologies.

Here's a summary of the smarts that the panel imparted.

Data Hygiene and Management

Ross GraberRoss Graber: First, figure out what you need out of your data to do your job effectively, and also figure out how your data isn't supporting your needs.

If you spend money trying to get a perfect set of data, you'll fail. The focus should be on making your programs successful so you can better engage buyers and influencers.

Ed BurkeEd Burke: Benchmark your campaign performance to make sure your segmentation is complete and accurate, and to determine whether a data issue is prohibiting success.

Ross Graber: Incomplete records used to be a bad thing. Not anymore. Smart marketers don't ask for all information upon first interaction with a site visitor. It's more important to focus on sending those people additional, relevant content to better engage them.

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Stephanie Tilton is a B2B content marketing consultant at Ten Ton Marketing. She writes case studies, e-books, whitepapers, etc. that advance the buying cycle. She is a founding member of the Savvy B2B Blog. Reach her via stilton@tentonmarketing.com.