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Blogs provide an excellent platform to engage with customers. WordPress blogs reach more than 70 million readers and Tumblr blogs reach up to 39 million. With numbers like those, you can see how important a blog can be, both as an extension of a business site and as a standalone destination.

But many bloggers make basic errors that lessen their blogs' effectiveness. Are you making the same errors? Review the following list of nine unforgivable blogging offenses to make sure you are not committing any of them.

Crime No. 1: Your posts are all dense text

Your blog is a horrible dense block of text with no breaks, bullet points, headings, or graphics.

Organizing your blog posts into sections and including bullet points, subheadings, numbers, and graphics not only makes your post easier to construct but also makes for a much easier and appealing read. Consider all the blogs you admire and follow the most: What do their posts look like?

I thought so!

Dense posts do not work. Headings and bullet points are your friend!

Crime No. 2: Even you don't care what you write about

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Lianne Froggatt is digital communications manager for Ideasbynet, an online UK promotional products distributor. Reach her via lianne.froggatt@ideasbynet.com or @LianneCai.