Savvy retailers are already finalizing plans to get the most "green" from their email campaigns for Black Friday/Cyber Monday—the official kick off to the holiday season.

But, every year, hundreds of retailers rely on the same strategy: churn and burn through email lists in an attempt to cash in on the subscriber universe over the holidays.

In 2011, the eHoliday Survey found that nearly 85% of retailers sent an email to their customers offering Black Friday deals. That's the start of the holiday sales game, and with billions of dollars in play we've all been guilty of abusing our subscribers—moving from a weekly send to at times more than once daily (you know who you are).

The problem? It works!

But even as sales dollars climb, so do subscriber fatigue, unsubscribes, and complaint rates. Come spring, we lick our wounds and start trying to undo the damage from the holiday email barrages we've sent.

But can we do something to reduce the damage to our lists while adding 15% to our topline holiday revenue? Remarketing can help. You can send fewer emails yet achieve greater impact.

So it make sense to have a plan in place to ensure that your Black Friday/Cyber Monday remarketing campaigns are producing dollars without flooding inboxes. Here are some tips retailers should keep in mind to make sure customers have the most personalized, relevant, and meaningful experience this holiday season.

1. Abandoned carts happen to good retailers (the key is to act on why)

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image of Angel Morales
Angel Morales is a co-founder and the chief innovation officer of Smarter Remarketer, which allows retailers to understand and monetize the discrete experiences their website visitors are having. Its marketing automation and intelligence engine helps engage customers with timely, relevant messages and offers, driving incremental online revenue lift of 10-20%..