The product management team I work with interviews roughly 50 B2B marketers a quarter. Those conversations provide me a 50,0000-foot view of how Twitter is being used as a marketing strategy—or, rather, how it's not.

Twitter can be great both for brand awareness and for driving leads; but, from a high-level perch, I see that almost all B2B marketers are struggling with either how to simply use Twitter or how to optimize their approach.

Though a recent report claimed that as many as 84% of B2B companies are using Twitter for marketing purposes, I'd argue that that percentage misrepresents how many B2B execs are really working to incorporate the channel into their marketing strategy.

From my experience, I'd say about 70% of B2B companies on Twitter have an account and send out a tweet every now and then. The other 30%, though... they're really trying to make it work.

Whether you're looking to move beyond the occasional tweet or you're aiming to polish your approach, here are some tips for how you, as a B2B marketer, can take full advantage of Twitter as a marketing tool.

1. Create—and Share—Great Content

Content marketing is at the core of most B2B marketing programs. B2B sales cycles are long, so prospects must be nurtured over time through the decision cycle. To nurture leads, you will often create a series of relevant content pieces, such as whitepapers and webinars.

But there are only so many whitepapers and webinars that your marketing team can create, considering how resource intensive the process can be—not to mention that material can only be reused so much.

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image of Chris Mann
Chris Mann is VP of product management at Bizo, a leader in business-audience marketing. The Bizo Marketing Platform targets businesspeople wherever they travel online by demographic criteria such as job function, seniority, industry, company size, and more. Reach Chris via Twitter: @chrislmann.