According to Forrester Research, 88% of executive decision-makers want to have a conversation, not a presentation, for sales-related pitches. Accordingly, as a marketer, you should be asking yourself two important questions: What content tools am I going to give to those in the field to tell our company story? And what important insights do my field reps have to share?

To solve the critical issue of executive buyer engagement, the answer—despite today's new technologies and modern advances—actually goes all the way back to cave people, but today it's called "whiteboarding."

Whiteboard imagery relies on the simplicity of an ancient communications medium to convey powerful meaning, and it creates contrast that appeals to the "old brain" (the decision-making part) to get your customers and prospects to do something different—and to choose you.

In short, whiteboards are an essential visual storytelling tool that marketers can help create for salespeople to differentiate their company from the competition.

Whiteboard Selling Methodology

Whiteboarding enables you to create and deliver an effective visual story. Using a whiteboard has an impact on message development, the deployment of that message, and the delivery skills necessary to bring your story to life.

Developing your organization's capability to use a pen instead of relying on a PowerPoint presentation, and instilling confidence in using a pen as your communications weapon of choice, requires a purposeful, repeatable, and structured approach.

whiteboard selling methodology is not like a typical sales methodology in the sense of sales processes like opportunity management or account planning. Those methodologies help salespeople to structure a deal, including where to show up and whom to meet with.

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Tim Riesterer is chief strategy and marketing officer of Corporate Visions Inc. He is the co-author of Customer Message Management and Conversations that Win The Complex Sale,

LinkedIn: Tim Riesterer