Have you seen digital signage before? You probably have. And if you own or market for a location-based business, you've probably considered how a digital display could work for you.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is any form of electronic display. Imaging walking into a restaurant and seeing the specials menu on a monitor in the entrance. Instead of a whiteboard or a chalkboard, the monitor presents the information digitally just as if you're looking at a computer screen.

Digital signage has a variety of forms and uses. The digital streaming ticker showing the latest news headlines in Times Square is an example of digital signage. The digital temperature and clock on the local bank or credit union is another example. Today, gas stations are putting monitors on the fuel pumps so they can play video commercials while people fill up their cars and trucks.

Anytime you see a screen displaying some type of message, image, or video, you are looking at a digital sign.

Now that you realize what digital signage, is you're probably thinking of other examples.

How Local Businesses Can Use Digital Signage

People are always going to the grocery store, the bank, and many other places located right next to their homes, offices, and recreational areas. As those people visit their local businesses, they are often faced with questions and decisions, and they're curious about offerings.

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image of Todd Hemme

Todd Hemme is a director at Rise Vision, a free digital signage platform. He has worked with top designers and business leaders on their digital signage campaigns and has years of experience in the digital display industry. Reach him via todd.hemme@risevision.com.

Twitter: @RiseVision