With the introduction of a wide variety of new marketing channels and tools, such as social media, website metrics, SEO, and smartphones, marketing can now be divided into two camps: traditional marketing... and agile marketing.

The latter prioritizes the needs of the customer and focuses on rapid response to customers and current trends.

Here are five reasons you should consider adopting the strategies of agile marketing.

1. A Focus on Customers

Though it's important to have a clear idea of your company's vision and your products, agile marketing has challenged marketing teams to work harder at developing customer profiles in order to effectively reach them.

Troy Larson of Mindjet suggests that agile marketers have learned to effectively focus on customers: "Agile marketers have updated this internally facing philosophy primarily by adopting Robert Lauterborn's Four C's marketing model. In this model, Price is replaced by cost, Promotions is replaced by communication, Place is replaced by convince, and Product is replaced by consumer. As you can see, with this philosophy, focus is shifted away from the producer to the consumer."

2. Simplifying Your Hierarchy and Working Together

Companies have typically been divided into a variety of departments that are separate from one another; agile marketing, however, levels company hierarchy and bridges compartmental divides. The social media team needs to know what's going on with the print advertising team and the product development bunch.

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Lior Levin is marketing adviser at producteev, a provider of task management solutions. He is also adviser at Arizona-based CSS company PSDtoHTMLConversion.com, which offers psd to xhtml conversion.