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Ever wonder why whenever you buy virtually anything online, almost always you're asked to consider some form of add-on or otherwise asked to do just one more thing?

Think back to the last time you paid a bill or did some shopping on the Web; throughout the process you were probably bombarded with add-ons, suggested perks, or enticing offers.

Now think about why companies do that (and it's not just because they happen to want to sell something). Why are they so desperate to get just one more thing in there? Why not just sell to you next week? Why right then and there?

The truth is that the most difficult task in marketing is getting people to take the action you want them to take. But once they have taken an action, getting them to take yet another action becomes much easier.

Near 100% opt-in rates?

A good opt-in offer has a 5-10% conversion rate with even high-quality traffic. However, the email opt-ins that follow up a product purchase online have near 100% rates. Why? Because the customer has committed to his path.

Once you get the person over the initial hump, getting them to do "just one more thing" is relatively easy.

It's what I like to call an "action train."

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Alex Becker is the owner of marketing blog SourceWave and an expert in search engine optimization and online conversion.

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