Most people's perception of whether Millennials like radio could do with a splash of cold water and a stream of cold, hard facts.

In fact, if you are between 18 and 34, you are far more likely to be pulling your ears away from AM/FM radio than your eyes away from Facebook to read this article: 92% more likely, actually. Way more Millennials will use radio this week than they will YouTube or Twitter.(1)

Each week, 93% of Millennials (or more than 62 million of them) spend over 2.5 hours per day listening to radio. That's more than a year ago. Or any time in history.(2)

Ah, but what about custom music streaming (e.g., Pandora) and other technological developments? Have they replaced listening to radio among 18-34s? No. In fact, research from 11 sources has concluded that streamers tend to be heavier users of radio than the average person. For example, in November 2012, Vision Critical concluded that "Pandora listeners report spending 50% more time listening to AM/FM radio than non-Pandora listeners."

Why do 93% of 18-34-year-olds spend 2.5 hours listening to AM/FM radio stations daily via radios, mobile devices, computers, in cars, and other means?

Recent studies tell us that more than half them say that radio "energizes" them or "improves your mood." It makes them happy, in other words. Millennials feel down or lonely, or they want the comfort of a familiar voice, or they want just to be entertained... as most people do. Maybe more so. More of them said they'd be more disappointed if their favorite radio station went away than if Facebook went away (62% vs. 45%).(3)

Here's how to put this phenomenal medium to work for you to reach Millennials.

1. Think connections

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Mary Beth Garber is EVP of radio analysis and insights at Katz Radio Group, which is part of Katz Media Group, a leading media representation company and a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications.

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