At the end of 2011, I published a short e-book or guide titled Find the Right Copywriter: Helpful Hints for Successfully Concluding Your Search. The idea was to help you understand that various wordsmiths are cut from different cloths, and that tooled with the right insights and knowledge you'd spare yourself the headaches symptomatic of hiring the wrong writer.

I stand by what I wrote; but, forever a stickler for detail, I'd like to update a little nugget of data. I said then that a Google search for "copywriter" retrieves 18.3 million results. Today, you'd be looking at 19.7 million.

Did 1.4 million copywriters join the ranks in 2012? It's possible. We won't dwell on the number. It's not real important. What is significant is the phenomenon behind the flurry: the wild and crazy content barrage.

Nearly everyone in marketing got the memo: Content is the treasure trove that connects customers to companies now. And where there's gold, you're bound to find miners.

The problem is that far too many will be swinging a wimpy little pickax and struggling mightily to break any ground.

Metaphor aside, a helluvalotta people will claim to offer you the writing skills you need to create new content. Few will have the skills to make you stand out among the relentless noisefest that is today's Web.

You have to be fierce to pierce.

Media is cluttered with cautiousness. The irony is thick: The more careful your content is, the greater the risk of anonymity.

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Barry Feldman is the author of SEO Simplified for Short Attention Spans. Barry operates Feldman Creative and provides content marketing consulting, copywriting, and creative direction services. He contributes to top marketing sites and was named one of 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know by LinkedIn. To get a piece of his mind, visit his blog, The Point.

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