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Why Lead Nurturing Is Like Hosting a Dinner Party (and Nine Ways to Do It Right)

by Charlotte Varela  |  
April 17, 2013

Everyone loves a dinner party, which is why I'm always surprised when I hear people express something of a distaste about lead nurturing.

When you think about it, the two are very similar. They both require the host (the marketer) to not only build but also maintain relationships with their guests (leads) through conversation, solid rapport, and sense of trust. And as with a successful dinner party, a successful lead nurturing strategy involves very careful planning...

1. First, make sure your home looks its best

Would you leave dirty washing on the floor when you had a group of friends coming to dinner? I thought not. The same goes for your website.

Just as when faced with a bad smell or cluttered room, potential leads will flinch at the sight of broken links and cluttered pages. The majority will even go one step further and flee without a second thought, leaving you to puzzle over why your Web traffic isn't converting.

Many marketers forget that a website now serves a much bigger purpose than simply cataloguing products and providing a contact number. It needs to actually nurture leads into navigating through more pages and provide information that will be of real value to prospects. That's what starts to build up that all-important rapport and gets leads excited about, so to speak, what's for dinner!

2. Use the finest ingredients

Quality Web design and quality content will have leads salivating. The very best content's the stuff that doesn't merely benefit a prospect in some way but does so in an original, sometimes even controversial manner.

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Charlotte Varela is a self-confessed social media junkie pursuing a career as a digital content marketer at Tone, a UK based Web design and lead generation agency.

Twitter: @charlotte_tone
LinkedIn: Charlotte Varela

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  • by Matt Clark Wed Apr 17, 2013 via web

    Great tips, love the analogy of hosting a dinner party, we like to live our philosophy of blurring the lines of work and play, this sums it up well. We did a post on landing pages that highlights how it is like an RSVP to a party

    Thanks for sharing.

  • by Charlotte Varela Wed Apr 17, 2013 via web

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your comment, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! Having a little fun with articles and showing your human side is something I think a profession like marketing really benefits from :) thanks for sharing your own post as well, it's great and so true!

  • by Michael Wood Wed Apr 17, 2013 via web

    Really like the analogy. Easy to remember and relate.

  • by Randy Wed Apr 17, 2013 via iphone

    So very true. The key word in the phrase Lead Nurturing is Nurturing. Attracting prospects earns you high quality leads. We discuss it at length in our blog at kayak online marketing. Check it out.

  • by jianfeng Thu Apr 18, 2013 via iphone

    I like this topic so much, so it can guide me all the way, I can apply on site and practice all time, thus I am going to improve my lead ability and easy to solve the daily problem , improve my life quality , and make good relationship with others....

  • by Charlotte Varela Thu Apr 18, 2013 via web

    Hi guys,

    Michael and Jianfeng - Thanks so much! There are so many posts that overcomplicate lead nurturing I wanted to explain it in a way that was fun, easy to understand and actionable :)

    Randy - You're so right. Building relationships, just caring about your potential leads and showing some common courtesy achieves so much more than pushing a sales pitch on them. Great blog by the way :)

  • by Sunshine Arney Thu Apr 25, 2013 via web

    With the state of the economy we have been forced to make cut backs within our company and I recently found myself not only operating the technical side of our contact center but also working on marketing strategies to bring in fresh clients. While I pride myself in being a smart cookie I have faced many challenges on B2B marketing when other companies are making the same cuts we are. This article really gave me a new outlook on the tactics I have been using and hopefully the fresh perspective will help fuel my own marketing strategies.

  • by Charlotte Varela Fri Apr 26, 2013 via web

    Hi Sunshine Arney, I'm so sorry to hear that, unfortunately it seems times are tough for everyone at the moment. I'm glad you found something useful in this article though, it makes it all worthwhile :)

  • by Vineeth Sankar Sat Jun 1, 2013 via web

    A super awesome article i would say. Reason ,the way you managed to keep the excitement factor in whole article. Every marketing should people should follow this , because the significance of this article is everyone busy with lead generation.No one i really bothered about lead nurturing and it plays a very important role in business.We should maintain our website as the sales man , because once visitor is on website , then the design , elegance , UI and the content plays the role in converting into lead just like the sales man. And after that dealing with the lead etc ...

    Awesome article , loved it to the core :)

    Keep up the goodwork

  • by Charlotte Varela Mon Jun 3, 2013 via web

    Hi Vineeth,

    Thanks for your kind words, I'm so glad you enjoyed the article and found it useful :)

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