Overwhelmingly, many deals are lost after the first call that a sales rep has with a prospect. The leads may be well qualified and ready to be taken down the path to close, but what transpires during that initial call determines whether a sale will close.

As in many situations in life, first impressions matter a great deal. That's why it's so important to structure your calls to establish rapport and drive toward a sense of trust and camaraderie with your prospects.

Ensuring that an intro call goes well and kick-starts the selling process isn't just the responsibility of the sales rep. A teleprospecting rep can do much to increase the odds that leads convert to forecast at the highest possible rates.

Remember: if that initial call is a flop, then nobody has done their job. It's a team effort, and if a lead doesn't get to the next step... nobody wins.

Follow these three very simple tips to help ensure that your sales reps succeed on the first call.

1. Own the invite

Make certain that after a lead is qualified and a prospect agrees to speak to Sales, your teleprospecting rep (not your sales rep) sends the invite to both parties. The invite can serve as both an introduction to your salesperson and a reaffirmation of the great conversation your teleprospecting rep just had with the prospect.

Don't just have your teleprospecting rep write up the lead and expect the salesperson to facilitate the invite. Stay involved. There is no better way to ensure that your kids get on the bus to school than to wait with them at the bus stop.

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image of Peter Gracey
Peter Gracey is chief operating officer at AG Salesworks, a B2B teleprospecting and marketing services firm.