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From Nine to Known (Part 1): Nine Nine-Minute Tips for Building Your Brand

by William Arruda  |  
May 29, 2013

As a marketer, you know that visibility is important. You likely spend a lot of time thinking about visibility of banner ads, or how to make packaging that pops off the shelf, or where to showcase your company brand so it reaches the ideal demographic.

But how much time do you spend each day increasing your own visibility?

Being visible and available is critical to building your brand. It's something you must do every day so you can attract ideal opportunities and advance your career.

I have been exploring the importance of continuous career management for the past few years. Along this journey, I've sought to determine how much time you really need to spend building your brand so you can maintain forward momentum and reach your goals.

The answer, I found, sits at the intersection of how much time you can focus on one topic and how much time you can realistically devote to things other than your huge volume of email, meetings, and teleconferences.

Educators and psychologists remind us that focusing one's attention on a single task is crucial for achieving goals. And many agree that 10 minutes is about the amount of time you can focus before your mind starts to wander.

But today, for the post-MTV generation, even 10 minutes seems like a lot of time. So I did research and became convinced that nine minutes is the ideal amount of time to devote to your brand every day. (You can learn about the number nine, and how I arrived at nine minutes a day, in this this brief video.)

The Importance of Continuous Career Management

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William Arruda is a personal branding pioneer, the founder and CEO of Reach Personal Branding, and the author of Ditch. Dare. Do! 3D Personal Branding for Executives.

Twitter: @williamarruda

LinkedIn: William Arruda

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  • by Kathrine Pfister Wed May 29, 2013 via web

    WOW - what a great article full of fabulous tips! This is the kind of advice/information sharing I truly appreciate. You provided information I can do TODAY without too much thought, falling naturally into my packed schedule and most importantly, providing solid advice and direction that makes a difference! Thank you so much - can't wait for part II.

  • by Amr Wed May 29, 2013 via web

    really great , thanks

  • by Katherine Kotaw Wed May 29, 2013 via web

    Some of your time frames are very optimistic, but your advice is sound. And personal branding can become all-consuming if you don't find a way to break it up into manageable pieces. I'd advise spending more prep time on that video. Bad YouTube videos may not kill careers, but they can land them in ICU.

  • by Gracious store Wed May 29, 2013 via web

    This is very funny yet interesting and informative ways on how to grow ones brand in continuous arrangement for "nine minutes" everyday

  • by Csilla Incze Tue Jun 11, 2013 via web

    Speaking of video resumes, I've done my part of research in the days, and this is by far the best I have found. Hope to inspire someone, like it inspired me :) Enjoy:

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