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Five Killer Video Marketing Tips

by Danny Groner  |  
June 10, 2013

No matter what you're selling or hoping to promote, video should be a consideration for your marketing spend and focus. With easy-to-use platforms like YouTube, nobody can blame technology as a hurdle anymore.

Still, it's difficult to come up with just the right message, tone, and approach to make video marketing pay off for you.

Every business is different, and finding your niche, and your audience, might take some time. But the great thing about starting under the radar, though, is that you can test and tweak and fine-tune at first before making a bigger splash. When that time comes, you'll have all the information and experience behind you to help inform your decisions.

Here are five tips to get started.

1. Show personality

You've probably seen hundreds of YouTube videos of people talking at you while standing in front of a white wall. Video marketing doesn't have to be that dry or dull. Indeed, it's a chance to make your own commercial and to illustrate what makes your company, or service, so stellar. Have the camera move around, shoot from different perspectives, and ensure viewers see movement and colors.

Consider this video from a restaurant that shows satisfied customers while the voiceover makes strategic calls to action. It comes at a fraction of the cost of airing TV commercials, and with the popularity of online video these days... such a video could yield great results.

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Danny Groner is the manager of blogger partnerships and outreach for Shutterstock and Skillfeed. He encourages everyone to consider how they achieve visual storytelling in the age of desktop editing and publishing.

Twitter: @DannyGroner

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  • by Mike Camplin Mon Jun 10, 2013 via web

    Nice tips, Danny. I especially like how the Google Wallet video showed endorsements for a pre-launch product building excitement and confidence in the service.

  • by Cheryl McCullough Mon Jun 10, 2013 via web

    I totally agree that they market to kids as early as newborns - I certainly fell for it with my daughter. Thankfully she doesn't fall for the Elmo crackers anymore - well she is 15!

  • by Gracious store Mon Jun 10, 2013 via web

    Good pints on how to use videos for marketing

  • by Moe Rubenzahl Tue Jun 11, 2013 via web

    Good article but the first example is a horrible choice! The reason you cited -- the great visuals of customers enjoying the place -- are indeed effective but everything else about this video is a turn off, in my opinion. It's full of examples of what not to do. The messaging is almost exclusively company-focused (all adjectives and fake-sounding benefits which could have been said by any restaurant, anywhere). Even the voiceover sounds inauthentic and amateurish.

    Sorry, but this was a pretty mediocre start for an otherwise useful article.

  • by Tue Jun 11, 2013 via web

    Good audio is the key to good video. If you plan to shoot video yourself with on-camera talent make sure you pay attention to any background noise. That may mean turning off air conditioning, removing squeaky chairs.... Invest in a good microphone that can be placed near or on talent. .

  • by Tami-Jo Wed Aug 7, 2013 via web

    While doing video marketing is the best way to get traffic to your services and products you must
    have the right tools and software to help you!

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