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Forrester Research has found that 79% of online shoppers who have an unsatisfying shopping experience at a website are unlikely to make a purchase from that site again.

E-tail marketers must therefore take a page out of the CIO's book. Having a well-designed website to keep customers happy is necessary, of course, but it's also imperative to continuously monitor your IT infrastructure and Web applications to understand performance trends in the online (and mobile) shopping experience.

Using customer experience monitoring tools from IT, alongside sales and marketing measurement, will provide your team with improved campaign performance and increased sales.

By monitoring its network, a publicly traded apparel retailer, for example, increased visibility into the sales process on its e-commerce site and now better understands how its online campaigns are performing; it increased revenues while increasing IT staff productivity. The company earned back the cost of the product in 11 months, earned a 114% return on investment, and reaped an average annual benefit of $25,000.

One key to maintaining happy e-shoppers is customer-experience monitoring. Companies with clear visibility into every step of a customer's visit to their website provide Marketing with detailed consumer info on shopping trends through a full replay of the customer experience, which can be used to fine-tune Web design and collateral to facilitate more sales. IT can also experience exactly what the customer does and quickly zero in on and resolve potential problems before they cost the business more sales.

Here are three tips to help marketers succeed with customer experience monitoring before that customer's shopping cart is abandoned.

1. Assign at least one person the responsibility of applying your customer-experience capability, full time, to keep customers as cheerful as possible

This is the equivalent of the manager of a brick and mortar store who walks the store or watches the security cameras to keep an eye out for any disruption of business. When a fire-drill concern arises, your customer-experience dedicated expert can investigate and see how the problem is affecting the experience of your customer base.

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Steve Rosenberg is VP & GM of performance monitoring at Dell Software.

Twitter: @foglight

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