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One tool for Twitter stands above the rest, yet everyone already has access to it. In fact, it's right in front of your face every time you're on Twitter.

If you're a marketer and Twitter is in your toolbox, you can't afford to overlook this tool, which is the gateway into Twitter's data.

The tool that's going to make you a community-building rock star is... Twitter's advanced search. (I told you it was right in front of your face.)

So put on your gloves, snap on those goggles, and don that hardhat because we're heading into the trenches.

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search

Imagine you just opened a cupcake bakery. You want to use social media to build brand awareness and connect to people who love cupcakes as much as you do.

Without hesitation you start several social profiles. Among them is Twitter.

Here's how you should search Twitter to connect to the right people.

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