The new world order of media and advertising demands that brands find new ways to drive consumer engagement. They must now look for ways to optimize paid, owned, and earned media. And the Holy Grail is to integrate all three sources of media into a single, consistent brand experience.

However, only 17% of chief marketing officers say earned media is truly integrated across their marketing programs and channels. Marketers have a huge opportunity to drive their brand via social engagement to create the perfect converged media combination.

But how do you create the perfect "owned media" experience for your customers, and what is the right formula for paid media to maximize your earned media opportunity?

Here is a three-step approach to creating a winning media program.

Step 1: Create owned media experiences that inspire

Your owned media properties are a huge asset, because your brand controls the content, brings focus to key messages, and ensures you have a branded presence across channels. Successful brands understand they need to both manage their social "destinations" (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others), as well as bring social engagement experiences into their own websites.

Leading brands like Pepsi are doing this in real time while also ensuring the content is relevant and appropriate. Pepsi wanted to align its brand with all things pop culture and to generate relevant content to engage consumers year-round. Accordingly, it integrated customer conversations from social media platforms—Tweets from Twitter, photographs from Instagram, and comments from Facebook—with its website. Using moderation to filter out the noise, Pepsi displayed the most compelling content via an inspiring experience that could be distributed on any digital platform.

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Sam Decker is founder and CEO of Mass Relevance, a social engagement platform that discovers, filters, and displays real-time content.

Twitter: @samdecker

LinkedIn: Sam Decker