Many online marketers get too wrapped up in measuring data that, though useful, is not the most important for understanding how your website is performing as a marketing channel.

I say that because each investment of your time, money, and people should have a very solid ROI expectation attached to it. Without ROI, there's no pot at the end of rainbow, so you have to focus on those activities/metrics that provide the largest gains.

Therefore, here are five online marketing metrics you should be looking at every day.

1. Conversion Rate

If your website asks visitors to...

  • Pay for a product or service
  • Sign up for an account
  • Provide an email address in exchange for something
  • Or take part in any other business engagement

...then it will have a conversion rate. And let's be very, very clear: The success of your online business is directly tied to how well your website is converting visitors to customers/subscribers.

Set up your goals in Google Analytics and monitor your conversion rate by going to Conversions > Goals > Overview

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image of Siddharth Deswal

Siddharth Deswal is a marketer at experience optimization platform VWO. He's involved with Web development and actively looks to help online businesses discover the value of conversion rate optimization.

Twitter: @wingify