Social media conversations are shifting from text to pictures, making images the new language of fan engagement. Consumers are talking about the products they want and the products they buy. Practically every phone has a camera, so snapping a quick shot of the shirt you're trying on in a dressing room, or sharing a panoramic image of your brand-new kitchen, is easier than ever.

This transition is taking place for one simple reason: Images drive an emotional reaction with an immediacy that no other medium offers. This conversation is happening across all social media platforms, and if brands aren't part of that conversation, they are missing out on a huge opportunity to interact with their most engaged customers.

These customers are sharing more than 350 million images per day on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. How can you harness this engagement to build stronger relationships with fans? Here are three easy ways to help deepen the bond between you and your customers.

Get creative

Social media platforms allow you to deviate from your normal brand messaging—in a good way! Brands are used to producing professionally orchestrated copy and creative. Authenticity, however, includes flaws. Your Pinterest and Instagram accounts give you a great opportunity to humanize your brand by providing fans insights into the real and more casual you.

Creating a lifestyle board on Pinterest is a great way to give customers a glimpse behind the scenes. Everyone daydreams, and this is a chance for you to make your product part of what people think about around 3 PM—right when your fans' minds start to wander.

Jetsetter, a company that offers exclusive travel deals to its members, has a board called "Bucket List," which features travel-related goals. These pins range from walking across the Great Wall of China to dining at an underwater restaurant in the Maldives.

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image of Apu Gupta

Apu Gupta is a co-founder and the CEO of Curalate, a social commerce solution, enabling brands to leverage their social media presence to sell more effectively online.

LinkedIn: Apu Gupta

Twitter: @apugupta