Event professionals and marketers have a wealth of tools, technologies, and platforms at their fingertips—all promising to make event organization more productive and meaningful.

At the same time, attendees have come to expect more than ever from their time and investment in meetings and events, and those expectations seem to be growing still.

Various trends are paving the way for event professionals to successfully apply event management technology and engagement-oriented strategies to address those challenges and opportunities.

At our firm, we have identified the following five big trends expected to shape event management success in the year ahead.

1. Personalizing the Event Experience

It's all about me!

Event participants are looking to experience events in ways that are highly relevant to their unique needs and expectations. Attendees strive for inclusion, convenience, and value, and they will therefore be drawn to events that allow them to tailor an agenda, access meaningful content, and engage with others who share similar interests.

Accordingly, a personalized event experience is the new requirement. "It's not any agenda, it's my agenda." This is the new mantra of attendees.

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image of Betsy Zikakis

Betsy Zikakis is vice-president of marketing, responsible for global marketing strategy and execution, at Certain Inc., a provider of event management technology for the global meetings and events industry.

LinkedIn: Betsy Zikakis

Twitter: @BetsyZikakis