Social media has proven itself an invaluable venue for businesses promoting their products and specials, but its value doesn't end there. The direct and unbiased feedback customers share via social media opens a universe of possibilities for CMOs who want to blow the doors off of the competition while driving measurable results.

The first step in this process is to operationalize social media feedback for a more informed strategy, more engaged customers, and increased market share.

Here are five ways CMOs can start getting more out of social media today.

1. Look for brand impact

Marketing teams know their company's brand mission and brand promise best. When looking at social feedback, keep a keen eye on how the brand promise is aligning with operational delivery—on the ground, every day. Look for reviews that provide insights into whether your business is meeting, exceeding, or falling short of customer expectations. This is a key metric that few CMOs consider. If you're missing the mark, work with your operations team to put a solution in place that addresses the issues.

"An important part of our business model is to seamlessly integrate into the local community," says Jeremy Morgan, senior vice-president of marketing and consumer insights for the popular gourmet burger chain Smashburger.

When entering a new market, the company develops specific menu items that reflect the culture and cuisine of the region. "We've set the expectation that guests are going to get a unique experience when they choose us, and our social intelligence tools to let us know if we've hit that bull's-eye—or not. If their experience [shared online] is not aligned with that brand expectation, believe me, we'll hear it and adjust."

2. Share the wealth

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Susan Ganeshan is CMO of newBrandAnalytics, a social intelligence firm serving food and beverage, hospitality, retail, and public-sector organizations.

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