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Today's B2B marketers find themselves confronting a rapidly shifting landscape.

The ever-increasing array of digital/social options means that if companies are to engage with their customers, employees, or competitors through social media, they must use a variety of multimedia platforms and provide eye-catching shareable content.

They have to make everything available on mobile. Big Data is not a "nice to have" but a "must have" for marketers to make informed decisions. And, of course, there's the adoption of agile marketing and learning how to respond to change instead of just following a marketing plan.

So let's look at these trends in more depth and see how marketers can tap into them...

Trend No. 1: Employee Advocacy and Social Selling

Before social media, it was obvious that your employees were your best brand ambassadors. The public visibility of Facebook, Twitter, and other networks has now increased an employee's potential audience exponentially.

For years, companies placed broad restrictions on employees' online communications in an attempt to control online conversation about the brand. However, marketers realized they could capitalize on the pervasiveness of social media, and today it is almost expected that employees communicate with the outside world about the brands they work for.

Companies have subsequently designed social media programs that validate the medium as a valuable business tool to increase performance and productivity. By harnessing employee advocacy, all employees can be turned into brand ambassadors.

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image of Russ Fradin

Russ Fradin is a co-founder and the CEO of Dynamic Signal. He is a digital media industry veteran with more than 15 years experience in online marketing. He is also an active angel investor in the digital world.

Twitter: @rfradin

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