A thriving B2B website requires the coming together of many elements to deliver an exceptional experience for your site visitors, leading them down the path you want them to take. For many organizations, that path leads to converting highly qualified visitors to prospects or, better yet, customers.

A critical consideration in the lead conversion process is the registration system, which acts as the point of entry into your marketing funnel—when the anonymous visitor becomes a registered user. That is the moment site visitors make the transition to high-value assets.

Although online user registration technology can seem deceptively simple, there are many opportunities along the way for things to go wrong. Low conversion rates, users who leave your site without engaging, and blatantly falsified registration data are the obvious symptoms of a broken registration system.

If you haven't yet, consider the following five best-practices for online registration that have been proven to increase conversion rates for leading B2B brands.

1. Offer high-value reasons to register

People come to your site to learn, solve a problem, or seek other pursuits, but they often face a registration screen in their quest for information. For them, registration is a means to the end and is far less interesting or important than it probably is for you.

Research has shown that users are far more likely to share some information if the exchange of value is in their favor. Therefore, to maximize conversion, offer compelling benefits to register at your site, such as access to high-value content or experiences, a members-only community, or other exclusive opportunities.

2. Watch registration rates grow with social login

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Bill Piwonka is VP of marketing for Janrain. He's spent more than 20 years leading marketing for technology companies such as Intel and Oracle.

LinkedIn: Bill Piwonka

Twitter: @bpiwonka