It is easy to become so focused on creating content for your blog, and marketing it properly, that you forget to periodically step back and check its health.

A blog quickly becomes full of dead content and links, or relies on an out-of-date template or a WordPress installation that hasn't been updated and is begging for trouble. All of those can hurt your chances of being found on the Web.

Three basic actions will help turn a dusty blog around for increased conversions and SEO:

  1. Regaining the link benefits you once had
  2. Tightening the focus on conversions and keeping readers from leaving
  3. Using readers' natural tendencies and capitalizing on them

Making all that happen is easier than you might think...

Redirect Old Permalinks

If you've been blogging a while, or you've switched blogging systems, or moved blog posts around, or readjusted your permalink structure in any way, you likely have a lot of dead links that you're not even aware of.

There are two kinds of dead links:

  1. Links to old blog posts on your own site.
  2. Links to old blog posts of yours from external sites.

The first kind, the links on your own blog, you can fix easily enough. You can make sure all blog posts contain live links to your other related content (and it is good to link to your own content).

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Julie R. Neidlinger is a writer at the Todaymade, a content marketing and design company, and the makers of the WordPress editorial calendar CoSchedule.