For my sister's birthday, I was searching for a gift—a Sony phone, the Xperia series. I knew approximately what I needed, but not the exact model. I was surfing from page to page, unable to find what I needed, and at some point I simply lost patience.

Why? Because I landed on either the official website's pages, where they didn't sell phones, or on the pages of specific phone models, which were not what I wanted. I wanted a whole line of Sony Xperia devices from which to make my purchase.

Fortunately, that experience helped me to see a possibility that for some reason is rarely used by online stores. At my place of work, we then went on to implement such an on-page solution for our clients—and always with great success.

Here are the outcomes for one of our clients:

For a week...

For a month...

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image of Roman Dobronovsky

Roman Dobronovsky is SEO team lead at Promodo. He is also an experienced speaker and participant in numerous events and conferences in Ukraine and elsewhere.