Let's be honest for a minute. How many "About" pages have you read that actually got you excited about a business or brand? I'm guessing... not a lot.

The more common reactions to "About Us" pages are boredom, impatience, and strong feelings of being almost completely ignored. That is a huge problem, because the "About" page is one of the most popular destinations on any website. People click over to it all the time.

So why have we been ignoring the quality of this valuable space?

Maybe it's because we hate writing about ourselves. Maybe we don't know what in the world to put on that page, so we just copy the formula everyone else is using. Maybe it just doesn't seem that urgent.

Leaving your "About" page in sub-par condition is costing you more than you think. So let's get rid of lame "About" pages once and for all.

Your 'About' page is not about you

Let's get this out in the open right away: Your "About" page isn't about you. It's about your readers. Sure, you need to let them in on details about you and your business, but it's all about how your present it.

Most "About" pages are focused on the writer or company: their story, background, experience, and so on.

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