I recall, years ago at IBM, attending a mentoring session with the CMO. She started her one-hour presentation explaining that marketing had many disciplines. It was early in my marketing career, and I remember being so excited to listen to her teach a topic she knew so well.

She started by drawing a big circle upon which she created spokes, like a wheel. And each spoke had a different topic assigned. She then explained all the spokes and how they fit together to create a strong and effective marketing team.

The topics she spoke about are still form the platform upon which great marketing organizations are built, and they help great companies become leaders in the market they choose to serve.

What I remember so well about that day: There is a lot more to marketing than meets the eye.

And a for the first time I thought that perhaps marketing is the best discipline for understanding all the moving parts of a company and for determining a company's success or failure—and that it's great experience for a future CEO.

The Constituent Disciplines of Marketing

The spokes looked something like this:

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