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What an incredible time to be a marketer.

Think about it: Digital marketing is the antithesis of many professions in which you go to school or get training and perform basically the same job throughout your entire career. How many careers are so measurable and immediate? How many careers let you play with the latest cutting-edge technology? How many careers let you try something one day, then scrap it and try something entirely different the next? How many careers allow you to participate in an ever-changing multitude of client projects and campaigns?

2013 was an amazing year for those who've chosen digital marketing as their career path, and 2014 promises more of the same.

Aside from the hands-on, nuts-and-bolts skills that are required for success in e-commerce, SEM, mobile marketing, Web analytics, social media, and email, expect employers in 2014 to put increasing emphasis on these eight key qualities when sizing up candidates.

1. Adaptability

This one sits at the top of the list. Companies have never faced so much uncertainty and risk. In the space of only a few months they can slip from market leader to follower.

The ability to deal with major changes in the workplace, to complete projects with very little direction, endure stress, handle multiple priorities... these are among the most highly sought-after competencies that employers look for.

What might have been considered a crazy idea one day might be the next day's most anticipated experiment. Companies can test new ideas and try out new features on websites and get almost instantaneous results.

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Jerry Bernhart is principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search LLC, specializing in direct marketing, digital marketing, and e-commerce. Jerry is a sought-after speaker on hiring trends and is often quoted by leading industry trade publications and research organizations.

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