Google is integrating Google+ directly into its ecosystem, which means marketers are eventually going to have to pay attention to its social network.

Those who have started working on their Google Plus presence are probably finding the culture a little different from that of other social networks. Personal brands and company pages are expected to... wait for it... actually be social if they want too build a following and to enjoy all those search engine optimization (SEO) signals that the experts herald as one of the prime benefits of Google Plus.

But how do you get started on this extensive network that has so many features? Well, even though the API integrations with our favorite social media management tools are limited for now, that shouldn't dissuade you from developing a process that dips your feet into the Google Plus pond.

You and your brand can get more creative with Google+ later, but here are five things you can do each day that will have a measurable impact on your network authority:

  1. Share a post of your own.
  2. Comment on five posts.
  3. Share two posts from other people.
  4. Respond to notifications and brand +mentions.
  5. Network and discover.

Let's break them down.

1. Share a post of your own

Easy one. What you share can be anything; just keep in mind the culture of Google+ encourages discussion. Questions work really well, especially in active communities.

Google also loves its photographers, constantly giving them tools and real estate on the home streams to make their work stand out. If you have a visual-oriented business, be sure to share your photos.

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Stephan Hovnanian is a content solutions architect at Bambu, an advocacy platform by Sprout Social. He has spent most of his professional career as an email marketer and business owner focused on helping companies build stronger relationships with their audiences.

Twitter: @stephanhov

LinkedIn: Stephan Hovnanian