Various forms of marketing can generate leads for you. But, leads are not the only ingredient of the secret sauce you need: You need someone to convert those leads into sales. You need a sales rock star!

So, what traits and qualities should your rock star have?

You could probably list the qualities you want in your sales rock star—that rainmaker who keeps the lights on and the revenue flowing—in any order you choose, since they are, in general, equally important. But I choose to start with a trait I call "drive."


You want your salesperson to be driven to succeed. Without drive there is no will to conquer, no desire to overcome, and no wish to make that next sale. Drive is the passion, the fire inside to make that sale. It's as essential as any of the other traits, but perhaps it's also the one quality that kick-starts all the others.


No one can deny that confidence is a trait of every rock star salesperson. Without confidence, your salespersons are going to have a hard time facing rejection day in and day out. (They also need to have confidence in the company, its products, and its leadership, but that's more about you than it is about them.)

A salesperson with confidence will sell more, make more contacts, and project that confidence to your clients in every meeting. Potential clients can smell the lack of confidence a mile a way, and they will steer clear. Conversely, they will be drawn to it if it exists.

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Stephen Guidetti is president of RealQuickLeads.Com LLC. Stephen owned two successful information technology companies before starting his latest venture.