Another year is upon us, bringing fresh possibilities and opportunities for digital marketers everywhere.

As always, the digital landscape continues to change at light speed. Here are six key resolutions that digital marketers should follow to make sure they are delivering better than expected results in 2014—and beyond.

1. Embrace 'data activism'

For years, marketers have spent their time and effort trying to analyze data, creating dashboards and reports that keep growing in size and complexity. Yet those reports are only useful if they're acted on. Because of the high cost of integrating insights into the digital marketing stack, organizations' ability to act on the data has been severely limited.

New tag management and data distribution technologies are giving rise to "data activism"—the ability to act on the data. These platforms enable marketers to control their digital data and take action on that information using their existing marketing applications.

Over the years, we've seen "data analysts" evolve into "data scientists." In 2014, look for the rise of the "data activist."

2. Invest in mobile marketing

Mobile and tablet usage has been growing rapidly for the past several years, but mobile marketing hasn't kept up with the overall usage. Companies that invest in creating mobile apps as well as mobile-friendly websites and emails, are providing customers with a better experience, which gives them a distinct competitive advantage. Companies that commit to measuring and optimizing their mobile experience are even further ahead of the game.

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image of Ali Behnam

Ali Behnam is a co-founder and the president of Tealium, a leader in tag management and digital data distribution. An expert in Web analytics and digital marketing, Behnam helped design and launch Tealium's enterprise tag management platform.

LinkedIn: Ali Behnam

Twitter: @abehnam