Social media is no longer the new kid on the block; it is now an accepted and practiced marketing discipline. Sure, we all made mistakes on the path toward social excellence, but the channel overall is the stronger for it. And isn't it nice, much like the end of every episode of Full House and Wayne's World, we can all learn something from the journey?

Considering social media's domination of electronic interaction, it's clear that we can learn plenty by observing how people use social media, and how that can apply to what we do as marketers. And, since most B2C businesses with a Facebook presence have acquired customers as a result of that presence, there's bound to be some crossover.

So let's take a look at six lessons that marketing pros can learn from common social media best-practices.

1. Mingle effectively

People engage in social media because it's just that: social. Successful social media users don't just talk; they interact, share, and collaborate. The comparison is often made that social media is like a cocktail party. At a cocktail party, people mingle.

It's the same way on your marketing team. The best work gets done when we mingle and encourage collaboration. Let colleagues, even those in other departments—especially Sales—know that you're listening.

Don't think of your co-workers as an audience you bark orders to, but as collaborators who have valuable insight that will make your marketing programs better.

2. Use encouragement and etiquette

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Bryan Nielson is the CMO and work management evangelist at AtTask, maker of cloud-based enterprise work management solutions. He is the author of the e-book The Five Most Dangerous Marketing Productivity Myths: BUSTED!

LinkedIn: Bryan Nielson

Twitter: @AtTask