Recently, Facebook announced changes to its News Feed algorithm to feature more timely and relevant posts. The update raises an obstacle for Pages: Many are experiencing a decrease in reach for organic posts.

Facebook recommends that brands use a combination of engaging posts and advertising to make up for the decline resulting from News Feed changes.

Although promotional dollars may increase the visibility of posts, there are a few other tactics you can tie into your 2014 social media marketing strategies in order to grow your reach organically.

Great content, strategically deployed, gets your posts that coveted News Feed real estate, whether or not you choose to promote it. So before you click "boost" on every update just to garner a few more likes, keep the following pointers in mind and experiment with them so that you spend your social media time and money wisely.

Harness the passion of your fans

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. Get your fans to create and share user-generated content for you, thereby extending your reach in the News Feed. Your fans and followers have their own audiences on social, and when you enable Facebook's Open Graph actions as part of your campaigns, their friends can see when they share or interact with content.

Hashtag campaigns, photo and video submissions, and apps that prompt sharing after a call-to-action give incentive to people to spread a brand's content to their friends. And by thus harnessing your ambassadors, you build brand credibility.

Offer compelling coupons and promotions

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image of Kevin Bobowski

Kevin Bobowski is interim chief marketing officer at Act-On Software, a marketing automation provider.

LinkedIn: Kevin Bobowski