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As a marketer, you put a lot of effort into understanding your target market. You may hire top marketing firms to help you achieve clarity. You probably use market segmentation to understand where to focus, and you may even gain significant insights into that target market.

Those insights help you understand how to build the right products, develop a product positioning strategy, and fulfill the needs of that target market.

But market segmentation and customer insights are only part of what you need to enter the competitive market. Are you ready to take your efforts to the next level?

Understanding What Motivates a Buyer

A lot has been written about buyers from the perspective of a salesperson, but very little has been written from the marketing person's point of view.

The salesperson understands how to categorize specific people within accounts based on their role in the buying process, but identifying buyers is a more complex process for marketers. Marketers need even more information on how people buy, because a company must begin the marketing process even before those buyers know they have an itch to scratch.

The 'Buying Center'

Marketers need to start marketing to customers well before a potential buyer is ready to talk to a salesperson. The most effective way for the marketer to do so is to use the concept of the "buying center."

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