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Seven Dead Ends on Your Website--and How to Fix Them Today

by Andy Crestodina  |  
March 24, 2014

You work hard to drive traffic to your site. Steering people toward your site is hard work. You combine search marketing, social media, and email marketing. You might even be paying good money for those visitors.

But once you have them, are you making the most of those visits? Or is your site sending them down one-way, dead-end streets? Are there places where your user flow completely stops?

Sadly, most websites are filled with dead ends.

Here are seven blind alleys that are probably on your site right now. Those hidden corners where you offer your visitor nothing—your "thank you" pages, your "Nothing Found" pages, and even your most-visited marketing pages.

The following seven dead ends are all common, huge missed opportunities...

1. Service Pages

Amazingly, most marketing websites have pages that just stop. No call to action. No internal links. The text just ends, and the visitor is left at a lonely little footer.

Great websites have pages designed specifically to gently guide visitors toward actions, toward next steps.

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Andy Crestodina is the Strategic Director of Orbit Media, a Web design company in Chicago. He's also the author of Content Chemistry, An Illustrated Guide to Content Marketing. Connect with Andy on .

Twitter: @crestodina

LinkedIn: Andy Crestodina

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  • by Anupam Bonanthaya Mon Mar 24, 2014 via web

    Good one Andy. I would add one more to the list - testimonials pages ! Most customer testimonials or case study pages ( in case of B2B) are dead ends.

  • by Andy Crestodina Mon Mar 24, 2014 via web

    Hello, Anupam.

    Yes, it's possible that a testimonials page is a dead end, but actually, I don't recommend making a testimonials page at all! If you have testimonials, the best place for them is on the product or service pages. That way they are right there, and serve as supportive evidence. Social proof needs to be near the claim!

    If you look at your Analytics, you may notice that very few visitors go to testimonial pages. So take them out and sprinkle them throughout the site on every page. Testimonials are weak when you put them all together. They're strong when they're spread out...

  • by Anupam Bonanthaya Mon Mar 24, 2014 via web

    agree 1000% !
    you need to take your stories to your audience, and not expect them to come to them. spreading them across the marketing - landing pages, feature pages, home page, sign-up, blog, newsletters, emails, social pages, etc etc is the way to go. and if there is a reason to group them somewhere, or if you need a detailed story/case-study page, then it better not be a dead end - have clear CTA's to get conversion. see a good example in my recent post -

  • by Kimmy Burgess Mon Mar 24, 2014 via web

    Website maintenance should be left to professionals. Most people don't know web coding. The owners should always keep a tab on their site, and suggest proper modifications. It is a wise idea to provide some links to popular posts on not found pages.

  • by RTMLguru Wed Mar 26, 2014 via web

    If you are not grouping keywords correctly on your site then it would be harmful. Within each campaign, you can break down your ads and keywords into ad groups.

  • by Robin Williams Mon Mar 31, 2014 via web

    I must say this article is very informative to all website holder. I am also agree with Mr. Anupam. Testimonials pages is also very important.

  • by Simin Tue Apr 8, 2014 via web

    great article.I definitely enjoyed reading it. thanks for sharing

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