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Here's a little secret: Almost all digital communication is actually measurable (direct) marketing. And, if done correctly, it will fatten the bottom line.

Just like old-school direct marketing, digital thrives on data; it can be measured and tested, and we can learn something from each campaign that we successfully complete, offering hope for ever-improving results as we move forward onto our next marketing/communication effort.

As a seasoned direct response marketing guy who has also done dozens of digital marketing campaigns, I've put together a checklist to keep in mind as you create your next digital marketing masterpiece.

1. Establish credibility from the onset

People are more skeptical today. They do not want to click on your banner ad, visit your landing page, open your email, watch your video, or read about your product or service in social media channels. Understand that.

Customer/client testimonials are a great way to establish credibility; but, better yet, be consistent in always approaching your messaging from the angle of what common problem most of your prospects have that your product/service can fix. Now don't laugh... but, to see how it is done, watch several well produced long-form and short-form infomercials.

2. Give your prospects a reason to act

What compels a prospect to click your ad after seeing? You need to prompt the prospect to take the desired action you are seeking, in a soft-sell kind of way. If you can give them a reason to act, your campaigns will work better.

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image of Grant A. Johnson

Grant A. Johnson is the founder of Johnson Direct and Digital. He has been a measurable marketer for nearly 30 years. Reach him via grant.johnson@johnsondirect.com.

LinkedIn: Grant A Johnson