"King James" as he's called by the media is one of the greatest players of all time, and there's a method behind his madness. When his natural ability reaches its limit, LeBron continues to improve, using a few simple but effective life principles that can be directly applied to your marketing efforts.

Here they are...

1. Have a practice schedule (and stick to it)

Not every day is great. Sometimes, we wake up and don't feel the motivation to get work done. But a schedule will help ensure that even on those days what needs to get done gets done. Having a schedule and sticking to it actually makes us feel good because checking things off of a to-do list releases serotonin—a chemical stimulant produced by our bodies.

In 2010, Lebron James was already established as force in the league, but he had a problem shooting three pointers: Just 33% of his long-range shots were going in. Knowing an improvement had to be made; he hit the gym—hard. Increasing his daily shooting dramatically and jacking up hundreds of threes every day, he stuck with an intense shooting schedule for two years as the results trickled in... slowly.

In the first year, he showed an improvement of three percentage points to his shot percentage; in the second, an improvement of four percentage points. We have yet to see how far he can go. The improvements were slow, but stacked together the results were drastic. LeBron and his team have won two championships since 2010, and he's been the MVP of the finals both times.

To follow LeBron's method for improvement with your marketing, set up a calendar and make sure every member of your team is involved with the schedule. (You can try using CoSchedule or a similar tool) Just as with LeBron's practice schedule, there's a drastic difference between marketing routinely versus sporadically, the following chart shows just how big that difference is.

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