You've just sent your latest tweet out into the giant black hole known as the Twitter stream.

Now what?

Are you confident that the time you devote to marketing on Twitter actually pays off? And if it is paying off, how exactly?

I've met more than a few frustrated small-business owners who want to take advantage of all the great benefits social media marketing offers, but they just don't know whether their time investment will get them anywhere.

Here's the deal: If you want to see results—and I mean real, tangible, increase-your-bottom-line results—you have to have a plan of action. You need to know which activities to concentrate on so that your next tweet won't get caught up in the current and wash away.

Here are four actions that will help you get more out of your Twitter marketing.

1. Get your website on board
The thing about marketing with social media is that you won't make sales. I know: What's the point, then? But before you throw you social media marketing plans in the trash, hear me out.

Twitter can land you more clients or customers, and it can help you make more money. Just not directly. If you want results from Twitter, you need to have a crucial piece of marketing in place and in top condition: your website.

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