I worked in marketing for 20+ years for a Fortune 100 company—in various roles, including brand management, global communications, marketing research, and communications—for some of the best-known brands.*

In a word, I've had lots of experience with some of the best creative minds and agencies in the world while working at a large corporation.

Yet, in the past three years, as a marketing consultant for a very small boutique agency in New York, I have learned more about what it takes to operate successfully and create value in today's "new brand world."

1. Marketing materials don't have to cost a lot

Yes, you can create a TV/video commercial, and a pretty damn good one, for under $50,000. Basically that leaves $300,000-$400,000 or more to get exposure for your message.

With new technology, hungry talent, and people looking to make their mark in the entertainment business, the execution of a spot can be done very affordably. If you know your brand and it is being managed with the right message to the right people, putting it on video does not have to be expensive; and it can still be fun, fresh, educational—and get noticed. You can get logos and graphics designed by talented up-and-comers; you can get celebrity endorsements for little or no dollars.

If the brand fit is authentic, the message is on target, and the ultimate program is win-win for those involved, you can often do a lot with little up front investment.

2. Pay what something is worth, not what it costs

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image of Linda Kearns

Linda Kearns is vice-president of marketing and communications for Matchbook Company, a talent and branding consulting agency based in New York City. In addition to having worked on the launch of the Cambridge Satchel in the US, Linda works on PR and licensing for top TV and film designers. Contact her via linda@matchbookcompany.com.

LinkedIn: Linda Kearns