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Marketers are buried in the plumbing more than ever—building out demand generation platforms, picking up the pieces IT left out of the new marketing automation integration, and running like gerbils to keep lead nurture systems playing nice with Google's latest adjustments.

But there's one less-appreciated, but no less effective, way today's leading marketing organizations can avoid the rat race and leap over competition—and that's by being more accessible to media.

Accessibility to media, and how technology has changed what that looks like, is something many marketing organizations are not taking into account.

But for actual sales funnel development, a great article in the Wall Street Journal or a feature in a news network like AP still trumps even some of the most aggressive B2B lead nurture campaign successes.

Yet even forward-thinking organizations are still stuck in embedded traditional methods, such as press releases, quarterly reports, and bicoastal media tours. Not wrong in and of themselves, those no longer properly prepare executives for the modern media landscape—and they don't have the sales funnel impact they could.

Smart tools helps media find stories

The new media landscape is like a desert. Beautiful, arid, and with fewer and fewer authentic journalism oases.

There are fewer journalists than ever before, but a lot of marketers haven't processed the full impact of the fact that many media networks now use smart tools to mine the Internet for news, tips, and leads. I see a new social media news miner almost every week—and these things are getting good!

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Lisa Calhoun is founder of tech public relations firm Write2Market, recently recognized among the Top 100 Agencies in the US. She blogs at How You Rule the World.

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