"I don't get no respect" is a famous Rodney Dangerfield line. It's also a sentiment that creative professionals can identify with.

They may not have been handed a sweatshirt with a bull's-eye on the back, like the one Dangerfield quips his gun-toting son gave him for Christmas, but for the 44% of in-house professionals claiming that gaining respect from internal clients is the greatest challenge in the near future, it can often feel as if their credibility is under constant fire.

Why? Because with heavy workloads and limited resources, they sometimes miss deadlines. That may not seem a big deal, but it is. Even one missed deadline may prompt clients to lose confidence that their projects will be delivered as agreed.

And once trust is lost, a downward spiral begins: Clients begin to outsource the "good" jobs more often, and your team gets less strategic or engaging work, which ultimately leads to many in the organization questioning your team's overall value.

Considering that 59% of in-house professionals ranked managing heavier workloads as their biggest challenge, and 74% said they work more than 40 hours per week, it may feel as if there's no good solution to the problem.

However, even if your team is struggling to keep up with an intense workload, there is a way to guarantee your deadlines and get your team's credibility back: Track all the work.

Track your time

Almost half of creative teams say they don't use any kind of project tracking software and a quarter say they don't track projects at all. So it's no surprise that deadlines are often missed.

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Bryan Nielson is the CMO and work management evangelist at AtTask, maker of cloud-based enterprise work management solutions. He is the author of the e-book The Five Most Dangerous Marketing Productivity Myths: BUSTED!

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