Marketing in a digital world has evolved. There was a time when ads in leading newspapers, commercials during popular TV shows, and strategically placed billboards did the job. Now, with every passing day, getting noticed by your audience is becoming more and more difficult.

Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are overcrowded. Odds are fair that your post will get lost in the constant, unabated, overwhelming storm of information.

So, when you're ready to implement your digital marketing strategy, how can you gird yourself to do battle?

Being in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right people is about implementing the right tactics and ideas, as in the following five digital marketing examples.

1. Target the right audience

Facebook isn't the one-pill solution for all online ills. Neither is Twitter. Identify your audience, think about where they are likely to spend their time online, and then work on building a presence in those very areas.

The "who" and "where" become extremely important when you finally begin to study your ROI, much of that investment being your precious time, not just money.

Example: Uber focused on mobile-savvy professionals who didn't mind paying that little extra to travel in style and comfort. They made luxury standard, and backed it up with a brilliant app that made booking an Uber ride extremely quick and convenient. Uber is now a success story cited by many and studied in depth.

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image of Sarika Periwal

Sarika Periwal is an online marketer associated with Mabbly, a digital marketing services provider.

LinkedIn: Sarika Periwal

Twitter: @Sarika Periwal