If you're responsible for generating sales and leads from your company's website, you probably spend a ton of time deep in analytics reports and spreadsheets looking for insights and ways to optimize your site to improve your conversion rates.

One of the biggest culprits hurting conversion rates is visitor confusion.

Visitors arrive on your site with a specific job to be done, and depending on the information, usability, utility, and persuasiveness of the site, they are either successful or unsuccessful.

This article will show you six ways you can uncover visitor confusion and improve your website performance.

The key to improving conversion rates is to remove confusion

Increasing conversion rates is all about removing visitor confusion. Removing that confusion results in a better performing website, in turn helping your business achieve its goals.

Think of conversion rate as a simple, formula:

Conversion Rate = Desire - Friction

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image of Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown is the head of growth at Qualaroo and co-author of the Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization.

LinkedIn: Morgan Brown