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Whether you're a small business marketing to local shoppers, a large organization with clients to scout out, or a fashion startup with a line of jackets to promote, building a website that draws in leads is no day at the park. It's easy to get wrong.

Luckily, a lot of the mistakes you might make have simple solutions. The following are some of the best ways to avoid some of the worst mistakes.

1. Don't get stuck in the past

A website visitor's first impression of you is based on how your site appears. If it looks outdated, users will assume that it is. For example, you should avoid color schemes that peaked in the '80s, especially bright or contrasting hues that strain the eyes.

Even if visitors survive the onslaught of color, they won't last much on the page if navigating the website is onerous. Make sure you have an easily located central menu, with a button that quietly demands to be clicked. Also, keep important information large and in charge; place it in the biggest section, closest to the top of its page (and oriented toward the left rather than the right, if it makes sense to do so).

Your logo is also of chief importance: If visitors don't see it readily displayed, they could literally forget what site they're on (awful but true). Your logo doesn't have to go in the top left-hand corner, but a spot that is just as visible would be ideal.

2. Chart your progress

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