So you're thinking about implementing marketing automation?

Don't do it... yet.

Marketing automation (MA) software can add to your workload, alienate important prospects, and cause you to add hundreds of dollars to the swear jar.

Or... it can deliver real, positive ROI.

The difference is planning.

So don't buy into a marketing automation solution until you've created a plan for implementing it. I know that's sounds obvious—like "don't build a house without a blueprint." But it's true—and too often ignored.

At Surprise Highway, when we've helped companies implement MA solutions, we've noticed that clients can easily get carried away by all the benefits that good MA software offers.

The glowing sales copy makes it seem the road to marketing automation is as simple as this:

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image of Jason Siffring

Jason Siffring was raised on a Nebraska farm and spent eleven years consulting Procter & Gamble, Loudcloud, and VMware before starting Surprise Highway in 2007.

Twitter: @siffring

LinkedIn: Jason Siffring