Firms with well-known industry stars are more likely to attract leads, command premium fees, and possess strong, recognized brands, we learned from a recent study of successful experts in the professional services industry.

We call these stars "Visible Experts."

After interviewing 130 of these Visible Experts, we discovered that they shared certain attributes. In fact, the data revealed seven traits that all professionals must have to be a Visible Expert in their industry.

In this article, we'll briefly explore all seven.

The Seven Traits of a Visible Expert

1. Commitment and Passion

That favorite cliché of high school sports coaches turns out to be true: You have to have heart.

Visible Experts are passionate and committed to their field and to what they are trying to accomplish. That makes sense: Becoming an industry star takes hard work and a substantial investment of time.

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image of Lee W. Frederiksen

Lee W. Frederiksen, PhD, is managing partner at Hinge, a marketing firm that specializes in branding and marketing for professional services to help firms grow faster and maximize value.

LinkedIn: Lee Frederiksen