Website conversion experts boast about increases in conversion rate percentages. But what it really should come down to is money—revenue increases.

I mean, if you have 10 sales per year, and I help you get 11 sales per year, that's a whole 10% lift in conversion rate.

Sounds awesome, right? Not if you pay me $500 to do the job and your average order value is $10. At that rate, you're out of business and I'm out of a job.

In this article I'm using real numbers and giving you seven specific examples (which you can use) that helped me increase online sales by more than $21 million.

7. Email Remarketing

When SeeWhy issued its Top 10 Converting Websites report, one thing became obviously clear: The best websites in the world use email remarketing. We're talking websites that convert 40% of their website visitors.

When the report was first published in 2010, very few email service providers had rolled out an email remarketing solution as part of their functionality, and building a solution internally would take months... or years!

I tested it manually. I created the email copy, I hand-picked a couple of dozen visitors who had abandoned their shopping cart and sent the email from my personal inbox. The entire process took less than half a day.

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Steven Macdonald is an online marketer at SuperOffice. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, he works in content marketing, SEO, and conversion optimization.

LinkedIn: Steven Macdonald

Twitter: @StevenMacd0nald