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It has been 20 years since the first banner ad appeared on a website. At the time, they were eye-catching! Innovative! Cutting-edge!

But as they proliferated, banner ads turned into a nightmare for companies. They disrupted sight lines, interrupted the user experience, and slowed website performance.

Fast-forward to today. A whole new marketing phenomenon has blossomed, enriching the user experience like never before: cloud technology. It is innovative! Mesmerizing!

And it's threatening to turn into its own unique nightmare for companies.

The Age of the Marketing Cloud

Welcome to the age of the marketing cloud! Today's most-visited websites in the US have on average 75 technologies in their marketing clouds, delivering anything a modern user could desire.

Here's the scary part: Although companies are adding website technologies to their marketing clouds at breakneck speed, only 13% of their IT people say they are "very effective" at managing those technologies, according to a survey conducted by Gigaom Research for Ghostery (my company, which provides marketing cloud management).

In fact, the 300 US IT decision-makers surveyed estimated they could gain an additional $50 million of ROI for their companies if they could better manage their digital marketing vendors.

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Scott Meyer is CEO of Ghostery, monitoring consumer and business data challenges worldwide and driving solutions in website security, performance, governance, and privacy.

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