In 2014, the impact of marketing grew in new and exciting ways. The evolution of technology made content more targeted and engaging, and it helped marketers uncover valuable insights about their target customers; it also made it easier than ever to determine return on investment (ROI).

As 2015 goes into full swing, it looks like that evolution won't be slowing down.

For the modern CMO—for every marketer today—it's easy to feel overwhelmed by new progress in the field. Suddenly, data must drive all marketing decisions, strategies must be tailored to translate across a multitude of mobile devices, and CEOs are demanding to see measurable and actionable results.

You can feel as though you're drowning in new opportunities, obligations, and variables.

If you're a marketer who wants to stay ahead of the curve, here are some resolutions you should consider keeping in 2015.

1. Prioritize data

Marketing is now a science. Make it a priority to treat it as such in 2015. The data you collect holds valuable information for your company's operations, including details on how campaigns are performing, whom you are reaching and how they react to your brand, and what you're doing especially well (or not.)

Take advantage of all that information to reconfigure your strategy if it seems misaligned with the data, and track your results; doing so not only allows you deeper insight into how you're operations are faring but also keeps you and your team accountable by helping you determine the relative ROI of your various efforts.

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image of Bob Murphy

Bob Murphy is a managing partner at Movéo, which partners with category-leading brands to craft strategies and build tactics that engage audiences and drive business growth. Bob manages the Data & Insights group and the Strategy & Planning team at Movéo.

LinkedIn: Bob Murphy